Classes for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Be ready to prepare your teen for independent life!

Active Parenting of Teens is a comprehensive new parenting program for parents of preteens and teens. The skills you learn in this class will give you confidence and courage to meet the challenges—and savor the joys—of your children’s teen years.

Specifically for parents of teens:


Learn the basics of parenting a teen (plus some in-depth discussion of today’s hot topics)

In this class you will learn what’s going on in your teen’s head, which will help you figure out why they do the things they do. You’ll learn how to open up the lines of communication, encourage cooperation and responsibility, and discipline effectively. You’ll also explore techniques for solving the inevitable problems that crop up. You’ll learn 10 strategies for preventing problems relating to drugs, alcohol, violence and teen sexuality.

Video, discussion, and activities make for a fast-paced workshop

Each session of your Active Parenting of Teens class features entertaining video scenes that demonstrate common parenting challenges and solutions. Your class leader will allow plenty of time for group discussion and activities so you can share ideas with the leader and other parents, too.

In the course of the program, you will also explore the following topics:

  • teens & technology (the Internet, social networking sites, etc.)
  • the latest in teen drug use prevention (including prescription drugs)
  • teen bullying: how to spot it, how to handle it
  • raising teens in a stepfamily

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  • $55 per session per person
  • 10% discount when you sign up and pay for all six sessions in advance
  • 15% discount (on total cost) when two or more people sign-up and pay in advance at one time for all six sessions
  • 20% discount when you sign up and pay in advance for both children and teen series (twelve sessions total)
  • 25% discount (on total cost) when two or more people sign-up and pay in advance at one time for all twelve sessions (both children and teen series)

Please do note there maybe changes to class dates and times as groups form.