Active Parenting

As a therapist, I believe in people. That is often my job, to believe in people so they can learn to believe in themselves. I strive to promote emotional and psychological hygiene for families. My Active Parenting Classes offer families an opportunity to develop and maintain solid foundational tools based on their values to create self-confident children, maintain healthier relationships, and develop compassion and respect for self and others.

Treasures Within Family Counseling, Inc. offers two six week courses: Active Parenting for Children and Active Parenting of Teens. For class schedule and to register online please check-out the Active Parenting of Children Class Page and the Active Parenting of Teens Class Page or contact me directly.

Mindfulness Workshops

Treasures Within Family Counseling, Inc.'s Mindfulness Workshops introduce the practice of mindfulness to your company, church, school, sport team, or social organization. Together we design a custom workshop or series of workshops to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve work productivity, increase team cohesiveness and morale, improve time management, and promote a healthier environment.

Call, text or email to arrange for a free consultation to design a Mindfulness Program for your business, school, church, or social organization. The possibilities are endless. Finding peace and meaningful change is a possibility worth exploring.

Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Abuse

I offer two separate groups for women and men who are in search of this renewal process building on the support and encouragement of others who understand the feelings of shame, self-hate, and worthlessness that are deeply rooted in the sense of self of survivors.

Together we will share and address the self-destructive behaviors and addictive tendencies that became the only way to survive in dysfunctional families and life situations. Through this process you can begin to break free of the emotional bonds of your traumatic past and the compulsive control of your present.

Please check-out the Women’s Survivors Group page or Men’s Survivors Group page for enrollment details.