Abuse and Addiction Recovery

Do you find yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to avoid, control and/or numb your feelings? There are lots of reasons that this has become the way you deal with your emotions and circumstances: unresolved childhood trauma and abuse; illness or chronic health issue; loss of loved one, identity, relationships or opportunities;  trouble coming to terms with a disability or the medical condition of a loved one; or the incessant judgment and ridicule of others.

Perhaps you find yourself completely weighed down by the trials and tribulations of daily life and unable to break free of old coping mechanisms that have you continually engaging in self-defeating activities and feeling unloved and not worthy at home, work and school? There is hope and possibility to feel different.

I have had success in helping individuals, couples, and families find ways to interrupt the cycle and begin to feel better. Our work together will help you gain awareness of what is driving these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that require you to continue to escape.

I use a straight forward and patient approach that helps you learn to see things from a different perspective. Having this new vision can be a great start to allow you to develop strategies and techniques to help you cope and manage life stressors in healthier and more effective ways. We will call upon your own insight and strengths to allow you to create a felt sense of worth and purpose.

Areas of concern that maybe contributing to your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors…

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Overspending and excessive shopping
  • Your relationship with food
  • Preoccupation with image and looks
  • Sexual orientation confusion
  • Sexual acting out
  • Self-harm
  • Excessive internet/tv use
  • Workaholic
  • Perfectionism/Procrastination
  • Isolation and withdrawal

Call or email to schedule an appointment so we can meet and begin the process of creating a clear view so you can begin to move forward.