Couples Counseling

Do you find yourself feeling so disconnected from your loved one? Do you feel like you are living a lie? Is your life not what you had planned or thought it would be?

Life moves so quickly and there are so many demands on us as individuals, it isn’t surprising that over time couples grow apart and appear to have different perspectives on life and what’s most important. Perhaps you feel you are living with a stranger.

There are lots of reasons this happens. Couples Therapy is a great place to determine if this relationship is serving you well and worth committing all of your energy or discern if the relationship is actually going to do more damage moving forward than making a decision to part.

Regardless of your sexual orientation, relationships shift and change over time, so do your roles, communication, and intimate needs. Maybe you are not giving each other the same kind of attention you use to. Maybe you barely touch let alone have a satisfying and meaningful sex life. You may feel stuck in a non-stop pattern of negative feelings, words, and interactions making you feel so alone in managing the little and big issues in life. Treasures Within Family Counseling, Inc. can help you uncover the meaning of the changes and discover techniques and strategies to feel respected, desired, and united again.

Calling to make an appointment is a great first step to making a re-connection.