Active Parenting


Treasures Within Family Counseling, Inc.’s Active Parenting Courses provide parents with the tools, training, and support they need to be the best parent they can be. We offer parents – many of whom are already fine parents – with powerful strategies and insights to assist in navigating their way through the most important and difficult job they will ever have – raising our next generation of leaders. This program is a key offering of our vision and passion which is to help build a stronger community through providing parents useful resources to help them raise healthy and responsible children so they can bravely face and persevere the challenges of the life they have ahead of them.

It does take a village… and we are lucky we live where we can choose our village!

I am honored to be a community servant to help create meaningful change. I hope to earn your consideration as an integral part of your village! I want to be a guiding light to assist families in navigating their journey through daily life challenges, conflicts, and frustrations.

Why take an Active Parenting class? Hear what these parents have to say!

My parent education program is primarily based on the theories of two renowned psychological thinkers, Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs. Building upon their principles and methods, I incorporate communication and interpersonal techniques that benefit in all areas of life; home, work, school, and social. In today’s complex lifestyle, the demands on parents and children alike are multi-dimensional and daunting with quite often competing life views from the media and 24/7 technology. The beautiful thing is that going back to the basics can offer meaningful and long-lasting impressions.

As a therapist, I believe in people. That is often my job, to believe in people so they can learn to believe in themselves. I strive to promote emotional and psychological hygiene for families. My Active Parenting Classes offer families an opportunity to develop and maintain solid foundational tools based on their values to create self-confident children, maintain healthier relationships, and develop compassion and respect for self and others.

Invest today in the future of your family and community!

Treasures Within Family Counseling, Inc. offers two six week courses: Active Parenting for Children and Active Parenting of Teens. For class schedule and to register online please check-out the Active Parenting of Children Class Page and the Active Parenting of Teens Class Page or contact me directly.